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Creative & Design

  • Creative & Design
    • We take a creative hands-on approach with all of our clients. Starting from understanding and assessing your business needs and what makes you uniquely "you" as a company to creating a brand identity that best represents who you are and ensures you stand out from everyone else. We focus on creative consultations, brand and logo design, web based applications, and user interface design to assist your company with a holistic brand that will strategically influence your online identity and increase your customer relationships by garnering the trust of your potential customers.
  • Off-line and Digital Branding
    • At Studio Hartev we understand that "Your brand is your business". Creating a successful brand is encompassed around communicating your values and vision to your target markets to help attract,maintain and grow a loyal student and customer base. We assist you in every step of the way by providing you with all the necessary tools to ensure a cohesive brand both online and off - by ensuring your printed materials and logos stand out and entail the same strong presence as your online digital brand.
  • Digital Media
    • The sky is the limit when it comes to showing off your institution. We understand the importance of visually representing what you have to offer as a picture can truly be worth a thousand words and will assist you in driving the next student or customer to your company. We can accomplish this need through a wide range of digital media offerings such as a website or web application to photographs and videos. Video production (aerial, street, in-house) and editing, photo editing, and interactive AV content marketing materials help to showcase your company and are among just one of the ways Studio Hartev can drive interest in your institution.
  • Consulting
    • In today's digital age, a strong online presence is invaluable both to your internal and external consumers. Through thorough consultation, we can help you assess your business needs, help you find what's missing, and fill in the gaps where needed. Our hands on, investigative, and collaborative approach to understanding your institution and its needs will help Studio Hartev to work through the design process with you before you take the next step to building or changing the product. We believe in listening to your concerns and asking the necessary questions before you take the next steps in building your solution.
  • User Interface Design and Applications
    • We create custom application user interfaces that make sense, are user friendly, and fit your institution's needs. Through an iterative design process, we believe in fully assessing your needs and those of your users through comprehensive discussions and research, designing prototypes or similar platforms through ideation that provide us with valuable feedback on the user's experience and product's usability, and finally taking this information to design and build the best application interface to meet your institution's needs.
  • Research, User Experience, Usability
    • We all know what a good and bad user experience feels like. At Studio Hartev, we only want your students and customers to have an incredible experience. Therefore, we spend the necessary amount of time performing in-depth research to understand your business and your target audience. In addition, we ensure that we keep your customers in mind when we design the final product or solution to guarantee the best possible user experience for your customer, which means that the product or solution is user friendly, and that your users are successful in obtaining what they came for. These three main elements help to drive loyalty, confidence, and satisfaction with your institution and will assure repeat customer use and a glowing recommendation to others.